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At Fivecomm, we use the power of data-driven insights and cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative 5G IoT Solutions across our four key verticals. We shape intelligent cities and pave the way for the near & challenging future. Discover a glimpse into our revolutionary advancements.

Smart Mobility

Revolutionize urban infrastructure by leveraging technology to analyze vehicle dynamics and types, including at speeds up to 350km/h, enhancing traffic flow and safety across cities, ports, and access points. This system improves road safety by detecting vulnerable users in real-time and manages parking spaces efficiently, ensuring a safer, smarter urban environment.

Vehicule Counting & Classification

Kamikaze detection

Free Flow

Water Management

Advance telemetry and monitoring technologies to address water scarcity and encourage sustainable use. They provide real-time insights for efficient water management and conservation, helping to make informed decisions, optimize usage, and quickly solve issues like leaks or high consumption.




Smart Ports

Transform traditional ports into smart, data-driven ecosystems. Provide real-time insights into vessel and vehicle movements, and improve efficiency and safety. This technology tracks everything from ship speeds to the traffic of cars and trucks and manages maritime access and water levels effectively.

Vehicle Counting

Free Flow

Vessels Berthing Assistance

Maritime Access Control

5G Private Network

The 5G Planner tool employs digital twin technology to boost network performance through a real-time, 3D simulation of industrial settings. This enables accurate network planning and optimization without physical setups, saving time and costs. The platform also adapts in real-time to new devices and their movements, maintaining optimal network service levels.

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