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Leaders in the 5G technology and Industrial IoT for empowering business and cities digital transformation.

What we do

To Capture Real-Time Data with 5G Technology

At Fivecomm, we use the power of data-driven insights and cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative solutions across our four key verticals. We shape intelligent cities and pave the way for the near & challenging future. Discover a glimpse into our revolutionary advancements.

Be a data-driven city controlling your mobility in real time.

Unlock the future of Urban Living with our Smart City Solutions. From efficient vehicle tracking to seamless pedestrian management, we’re transforming cities for a smarter, more connected tomorrow

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Transform your city, port, airport, and roads into a data-driven environment by capturing vehicle intensity, direction, speed, and classification (car, bus, truck, bike)

Vehicle type classification (car, truck, van, bus, bike…) at high speeds, up to 350km/h, increasing traffic flow capacity and infrastructure usability on tolls, cities and access control points

Spot and alert vehicles in real-time to vulnerable road users like scooters in cities, bikes on roads, and pedestrians at crossings. Enhance awareness and prevent accidents for safer streets

Transform any parking in a adata-driven environment by capturing vehicle intensity, direction, speed and classification. Detect in real-time the status of parking spots or charging electrical points

Industrial IoT for bringing your operations to the next level.

Discover how our data-driven IoT solutions are revolutionizing port operations. Embark on a journey towards a smarter and more efficient port future

Capture vessels speed, orientation and distance to any port infrastructures in real-time. Transform your port in a data-driven environment

Obtain vehicle intensity, direction, speed and classification (car, bus, truck, bycicle…) transforming your city, port, airport and road in a data-driven environment

Elevate your port into a data-driven environment by optimizing the maritime access control with real-time tracking of vessel intensity, direction, speed, and classification 

Access real-time tank level data in any scenario, transforming your water management into a data-driven environment

Manage in a remote and sustainable way your water resources.

Unlock the potential of IoT in water management with our insightful webinar. Learn how data-driven solutions lead to more efficient and sustainable water usage

Digitize your water management by accessing real-time tank level data in any scenario, transforming your system into a data-driven environment

Monitor and control in real-time the water flow transforming any industrial water treatment plant in a data-driven environment

Plan and Optimize your 5G Private Network with our 5G SaaS


IoT Smart Devices for Real-Time Data

  • 5G & IoT Technology: Revolutionize data capture with 5G, IoT sensors.
  • AI Data Analytics: Harness AI for accurate, real-time analytics.
  • Decision-Making Insights: Transform data into actionable business insights.
Scalable API for IoT Integration
  • IoT Integration Made Easy: Simplify with our versatile API.
  • Seamless Data Flow: Ensure smooth data transfer to your systems.
  • Flexible IoT Solutions: Tailor-fit for diverse industry needs.

Edge IoT Solutions for Industry 4.0

  • Optimized Device Management: Elevate operations with our Edge IoT tech.
  • Customized Industrial IoT: Adapt and scale to industrial demands.
  • Robust IoT Security: Secure your IoT ecosystem with cutting-edge tech.



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