In January 2023, Fivecomm attended the kick-off meeting of our new project TARGET-X (Trial Platform for 5G Evolution – Cross-Industry on large scale) in the fantastic city of Aachen, Germany.

It is very exciting to participate in this Horizon Europe project from the Smart Networks and Services JU. The TARGET-X project will enable the digital transformation of key industries such as manufacturing, energy, construction, and automotive through large-scale trials in various test environments. The project focus is not only on KPIs such as transmission speed, reliability, or latency, but also on KVIs such as sustainability and security.

We are thrilled to work during the next 30 months with industry and research partners on this project. We will evaluate and test Beyond-5G and 6G features such as digital twins, localization or time-sensitive networking in the various test environments and industries, putting special emphasis on the manufacturing vertical in the Aachen factory.

For more information on TARGET-X, please stay tuned!