5G Communications SL Awarded Grant for Youth Employment Initiative

Employment opportunities


Fostering Employment: Investing in the future of qualified young professionals

5G COMMUNICATIONS FOR FUTURE INDUSTRY VERTICALS SL has received a grant from LABORA Valencian Employment and Training Service, under the Program for the Promotion of Permanent Hiring of Qualified Young People (AVALEM JOVES), within the framework of the National Youth Guarantee System in the territorial scope of the Valencian Community. 

This action is likely to be co-financed by the European Union through the Community Program Valencian Community European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) 2021-2027 or any other European Union fund. The granted amount is €27,216.00.

Fivecomm is deeply committed to harnessing the potential of young, qualified professionals. The firm believes in the vibrancy and fresh perspectives that young talent brings to the team. By integrating these emerging talents into the workforce, they are not only provided with valuable opportunities to kickstart and advance their careers but also they enrich a firm´s own corporate culture with dynamic and innovative ideas.