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5G Twin Planner

We plan your  5G private network in any industrial scenario. Our 5G Twin Planner recreates a digital environment, where your 5G private network quality and service level are simulated before a real deployment or investment.

Cost Optimization

Fine tune any 5G private network deployment investement, addressing any industrial scenario service level in real time

Digital Twin

3D dynamic industrial scenarios, that offer high precision and real time 5G plannig for taking always the best deployment decisions

Characteristics of 5G planner


Transmitter generation and fully configuration


Coverage zones simulation


Specific receptors such as cameras, radars, robots and drones


Dynamic routes for drones, robots and vehicles


Multiple visualzation options


Automatic Report generation

Simplify 5G networks optimization

High accuracy planning drives efforts and costs reduction during 5G private network optimization proccess. Additionally, the digital twin shows any service level variation due to the industrial scenario changes.

Real-time interaction

Be able to interact with your 5G private network changing your digital twin scenario and adding new connected devices and its dynamics routes. Keeping always the optimal service level where matters


Step 1
Requirements capturing

Define the minimum service requierements needed to achive with the deployment

Step 2
Service level definition per 5G device

Define the service level for each specific 5G device

Step 3
Dynamic 3D model scenario creation

Fivecomm creates a high-fidelity 3D model, including the materials, densities etc..

Step 4
Virtual 5G Network configuration

Configure the 5G network by Fivecomm: we ask for all the technical details planned for the deployment

Step 5
Virtual 5G Network & Devices simulation

Simulate and see the results. Fivecomm creates a full report

Final Step
Digital Twin

A digital twin of your deployment is created. Now you can check if the performance is the needed, and iterate to optimize the service level and the cost

Application scenarios

Ports Applications

Water Applications

Industry Applications

Planning Service Requirements

3D model

3D model scenario in Revit or BIM format.If it is not possible, 2D layout is the minimum required

Scenario details

Site survey visit for capturing the scenario details. Only mandatory if a 2D layout of the scenario is available

Radio Parameters

Radio equipment configuration and datasheet. Antenna radiation diagram. 

Target area and service level

Coverage area selection. Sensor, cameras, robots, drones… characteristics and datasheet

Dynamic routes

Definition of the dynamics routes for robots, drones…

5G Planner

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