AGV control over 5G Release-16 network slicing demonstration at 5TONIC

JUL, 25 2022 | 1 min

AGV demostration at 5TONIC

Fivecomm demonstrated at 5TONIC premises, together with Ericsson and Telefonica, and using a 5G SA Release-16 infrastructure with network slicing capabilities, the remote control of an automated guided vehicle (AGV) from ASTI using a gesture recognition application. This was performed in the context of the H2020 EU project 5G-INDUCE.

The deployment of 5G SA Release-16 at 5TONIC lab is based on Ericsson technology and planned together with Telefonica. It introduces end-to-end and automated network slicing capabilities, nicely converging with the integration of our use case and applications. In addition, the cockpit where gesture recognition software was running, and the AGV, were connected to the network via two Fivecomm 5G BROADS.

The trial was much more than a compliance test, validation, or demonstration of a use case. It was indeed a full proof-of-concept validation for end-to-end orchestration of the slicing life cycle support and radio resources partitioning. Fivecomm, thanks to this demo, leveraged but also validated the potential of these advanced features of 5G Rel16 at 5TONIC lab, verifying the key differential user experience enabled by network slicing.