Ajuntament de València supports Fivecomm first social bot

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10/7/2020 Estimated Reading time: 1 minute

Social bots to control capacity and social distance

Fivecomm developed an Artificial Intelligence software for the Valencia conference centre to detect automatically and in real time, the breach of maximum capacity allowed and the minimum social distance through the images captured by the cameras located in this conference centre.

The smart cameras system generates alarms that are sent through the 5G network to CASHU, our first social bot, who autonomously goes to the location where the potential risk is happening. Then, CASHU reproduces a message to inform about the maximum capacity and the minimum social distance rules of the Valencia conference centre.

All the action is followed remotely and in real time by the security staff who is able to Drive CASHU or start the Telepresence mode at any time.

This use case had the support of Ajuntament de València and Valénciactiva through its program “Retos Innovadores de los sectores productivos en la ciudad de València 2020”

Budget : 10.500 euros