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Work at the ultimate 5G IoT company & unlock your full potential

Why to work at Fivecomm?

By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to work in a flexible and dynamic environment, where you can put your skills into practice and develop new ones collaborating with talented and passionate professionals who share your enthusiasm for success.

You will be able to see how an idea is developed from scratch and how it becomes a real product or service that has a real impact in the world.

So if you would like to change the status quo through the more advanced technology, don’t hesitate to apply to Fivecomm!! We are looking forward to meet you.

What can we offer to you?


Flexible Working hours

Combine your personal and professional life having a flexible schedule since the beginning with us


Highly Innovative projects

Fivecomm consistently engages in innovative European projects, delivering cutting-edge technological solutions to the market


Fixed + Variable Salary

Our employees' efforts are acknowledged through a variable salary that supplements their annual fixed income


Travelling possibility

Our innovative and international projects provide our employees with opportunities to travel globally, engaging with diverse cultures, languages, and work methodologies



The flexibility to choose whether to work from our premises or from the comfort of your home on selected days


Rewards by staying

Three years with us translate to an additional three vacation days, while reaching the five-year milestone grants an extra five vacation days