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At Fivecomm, we accelerate the digitalization of the industry using the most advanced communication technologies. Joining our team means stepping into the dynamic and rapidly evolving telecommunications sector, a field brimming with innovation and exciting challenges.

Our essence lies in fostering a culture of learning by doing, where individuality is celebrated and teamwork drives our success. Here, you’ll find an environment that encourages continuous growth and collaboration, ensuring that every team member can thrive and contribute to our collective goals.

Benefits Of Working At Fivecomm

Our strong sense of community

At Fivecomm, we all work as a team and consider ourselves a family within the business. We enjoy team-building events, always aiming to strengthen bonds and take a break from the work environment.

Our highly innovative projects

Fivecomm consistently engages in innovative European, National and Local projects, delivering cutting-edge technological solutions to the market.

Our hybrid work model

We allow team members the flexibility to work remotely, fostering a healthy work-life balance, while also providing opportunities for in-person connection at our office.

Learning tailored to your needs

On-demand training courses, tailored to each employee's needs according to their job requirements. Employees can propose the training they find beneficial for the development of their tasks.

Our rewards for your loyalty

Three years with us translate to an additional three vacation days, while reaching the five-year milestone grants an extra five vacation days

Fixed and variable salaries

Our employees' efforts are acknowledged through a variable salary that supplements their annual fixed income

Our space

Located on the UPV campus, our office offers a tranquil environment that fosters creativity and focus. Our modern facilities provide the perfect workspace.

Opportunities for travel

Our international projects provide our employees with opportunities to travel globally, engaging with diverse cultures, languages, and work methodologies.

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