Fivecomm as key 5G enabler for professional content production

JUL, 12 2022| 2 min.

FIVECOMM as Key 5G enabler for professional content production.


In an exciting advancement for urban and industrial mobility, the Mancomunitat Camp de Túria, in collaboration with Fivecomm, experts in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, have launched a pioneering project that promises to transform the way traffic is managed and urban development is planned. Fivecomm, being the central axis of this project, brings its latest generation of mobility radar technology. These radars, designed to perform real-time vehicle counts and classifications, are a crucial component in the intelligent mobility solution developed by the company. 

Mancomunitat Camp de Túria plays an essential role in this project. They provide the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of use cases. This collaboration enables municipalities to receive valuable information, allowing them to improve efficiency in traffic management and make decisions based on precise and updated data.

With initial tests in the selected areas, including industrial zones with a high flow of trucks and vehicles, the project is expected to not only improve traffic flow but also have a significant impact on the quality of life of citizens. This initiative promises to be a model for other communities seeking advanced mobility solutions.

This project not only highlights Fivecomm’s innovation and technological expertise but also establishes a new standard in intelligent mobility solutions, marking a before and after in traffic management and urban planning in the Mancomunitat Camp de Túria and beyond.