Fivecomm develops a COVID-19 robot

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1/28/2021 Estimated Reading time: 1:20 minutes

Fivecomm Develops a Covid-19 Robot

Fivecomm has developed, together with Vodafone, Intel and Altran, a robot connected to 5G to ensure compliance with safety regulations for the prevention of COVID-19.

The robot designed in this project is connected to the Vodafone 5G network and can circulate in closed environments with the presence of people. Its purpose is to analyse whether these people are wearing the masks correctly and take their body temperature. To achieve this, an autonomous vehicle has been designed. This vehicle incorporates an image sensor that allows, through facial recognition, to identify people who are not wearing a mask, as well as a thermal camera that detects those with higher body temperature than usual.
Thanks to 5G technology, these data are sent to a centralized control intelligence using ‘Edge Computing’ technology, where they are processed, and the relevant alarms are generated. These alarms are treated at a remote-control point that manages them through a series of actions that work on the 5G network, which allows, for example, the interaction with the robot in real time. This is possible thanks to the low latency and high-performance scenario of the 5G network, which also allows the remote driving of the robot from the control point to bring it closer to those people with whom you want to interact more closely.

In this project Fivecomm has provided its remote driving solution on a mobile robot that has been integrated into Vodafone 5G network, that has provided all the network connectivity infrastructure. Altran has integrated facial recognition and temperature measurement, and Intel has provided its OpenVINO tool on which the specific algorithms for artificial vision are based and on whose Intel Xeon SP processors, the algorithms are executed to analyse the presence of masks. and the temperature of people in real time.