Fivecomm participates in FUDGE-5G project

JUN, 11 2020 | 1 min.

FUDGE-5G: the next step in cloud-native private 5G networks

Our participation in a new Horizon 2020 project has just begun! The EU project FUDGE-5G (FUlly DisinteGrated private nEtworks for 5G verticals) aims at demonstrating a conceptually novel and forward-looking cloud-native, unified, and secured service-based 5G architecture for non-private networks (NPNs). FUDGE-5G will allow for extreme interoperability and customization for industry verticals among wired and wireless access infrastructure (“all-Ethernet” 5GLAN with 5G-Multicast and 5G-TSN support), eSBA platform, mobile 5GC, service orchestration and vertical applications.

The project will focus on five vertical use cases as pure cloud-based applications:

  • Media showroom
  • Public protection, and disaster
  • 5G virtual office
  • Interconnected NPNs
  • Industry 4.0

Fivecomm will lead the work on this last use case. This use case will deploy a 5GLAN featuring 5G-TSN for robotics in a factory environment, providing low latency and high precision clock synchronization across the 5G network.Fivecomm will also integrate the 5G modem in some of the use cases and scenarios, paying special attention to the Industry 4.0. The modem will include 5G-TSN (including the Device-Side TSN Translator, DS-TT) as a new feature to address the industrial network synchronization connectivity needs.