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5G Hardware Prototype Devices

Fivecomm 5G Broad

Our hardware prototypes are the ideal solution for research projects about 5G integration, validation and demonstration. The 5G Broad can connect any user device (e.g., cameras, drones, robots, etc.) to the 5G network via USB or Ethernet. The 5G modem has simplified electronics while minimized power consumption and cost. It is versatile enough to adapt to the different requirements and scenarios specified by any industrial vertical. Would you like to know more?

Fivecomm Research

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RADIANT Fivecomm Research 2023-2024 RADIANT 6G About the project: RADIANT is an HE funded project that is part of the first 6G-SANDBOX open call. In



INSIGNIA Fivecomm Research 2023-2025 INSIGNIA 6G About the project: INSIGNIA is a research project whose main objective is the design and optimization of Beyond-5G and

Smart Water

5G Water Smart Metering

5G Water Smart Metering Fivecomm Research 2021 5G Water Smart Metering About the project: The versality of 5G, together with advances in other areas such

Media & Entertainment


5G-RECORDS Fivecomm European Research 2020-2023 Showcasing The Real Power Of 5G For Professional Content Production About the project: It is time to bring 5G to professional

Industry 4.0


5G-INDUCE Fivecomm European Research 2020-2023 Open And Cooperative 5G Platforms For The Industrial Sector About the project: Fivecomm is part of the Horizon 2020 project

Industry 4.0

Remote Inspection And Maintenance

Remote Inspection And Maintenance Fivecomm Research 2021 Remote Inspection And Maintenance About the project: Implement an advanced 5G connected robot based solution to perform remotely

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