5G-INDUCE Smart Mobility European Research 2021-2024 Open And Cooperative 5G Platforms For The Industrial Sector Fivecomm is part of the Horizon 2020 project 5G-INDUCE (Open cooperative 5G experimentation platforms for the industrial sector NetApps) The project aims to provide an end-to-end orchestration platform over enabling experimentation infrastructures for advanced 5G NetApps. This platform will be […]

Remote Inspection And Maintenance

Remote Inspection and Maintenance Smart Mobility Remote Inspection And Maintenance Implement an advanced 5G connected robot based solution to perform remotely and in real time critical infrastructure inspection and maintenance operations. Benefits 1. High definition and real time streaming that allows to the critical infrastructure and maintenance technicians take always the best decision 2. Real-time […]


5G-IANA Smart Mobility 2021-2024 5G Intelligent Automotive Network Applications Fivecomm is part of the Horizon 2020 project 5G-IANA (Intelligent Automotive Network Applications). 5G-based Automotive-related services (i.e., Connected and Automated Mobility services) are a broad range of digital services in and around vehicles including both safety-related and other commercial services provided, enabled, or supported by 5G […]

Training School ITN-5VC

5G Radar For Smart Transport Revolutionizing Port Operations 2020-2024 Integrated Telematics For Next Generation 5G Vehicular Communications ITN-5VC aims to investigate the key problems of the integration of multi-band multi-antenna communications, including mmWave, with radar heads and other wireless sensors into the same telematics unit, so that transmission chains and radiation systems were efficiently reused […]


AUDERE Smart Mobility 2021 | 3 min. Advanced Urban Delivery And Refuse Recovery Fivecomm has been funded by the Agència Valenciana de la Innovació through its Programa Consolidación de la cadena de valor empresarial to undertake the Project Advanced Urban Delivery and Refuse Recovery (AUDERE). Grant number: INNCAD/2020/23 Budget granted:  82.665,55 euros Objective The project aims to design […]


FUDGE-5G Smart Mobility European Research 2020-2023 The next step in cloud-native private 5G networks FUDGE-5G will allow for extreme interoperability and customization for industry verticals among wired and wireless access infrastructure (“all-Ethernet” 5GLAN with 5G-Multicast and 5G-TSN support), eSBA platform, mobile 5GC, service orchestration and vertical applications. The project will focus on five vertical use […]


iNGENIOUS Smart mobility European Research 2020-2023 Open and cooperative 5G platforms for the industrial sector The project focuses on six use cases to address the requirements of different activities performed in procurement, operations, and distribution for realizing the next generation supply chain. From these use cases, Fivecomm will participate in the following ones: UC1: Automated […]

5G connected robots

5G Connected Robots Industry 4.0 Fleet Management Develop and implement 5G connected autonomous robots that automate last-mile logistics, indoors and private outdoors, reducing processes and costs   Benefits Optimize indoor and private outdoor logistic operations, as a palletizing, loading and unloading, reducing the costs. Zero human accidents that increase indoor and private outdoor logistic operations […]


5G-LOGIC Smart Mobility European Research 2021-2023 5G smart and connected industrial park Fivecomm has been funded by the Agència Valenciana de la Innovació through its programme “Proyectos estratégicos en cooperación” to undertake the Project 5G Smart and Connected industrial park (5GLOGIC) Grant number: INNEST/2021/148 Budget granted: 208.593 euros The aim of the project is to […]


TARGET X Smart Mobility European Research 2023-2025 Acceleration & digital transformation TARGET-X seeks the acceleration and digital transformation of key verticals such as energy, construction, automotive, robotics and manufacturing using large-scale trials in of the largest European test facilities for smart production and automotive driving: The 5G-Industry Campus Europe in Aachen, Germany and the Idiada […]