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Open and cooperative 5G platforms for the industrial sector

The project focuses on six use cases to address the requirements of different activities performed in procurement, operations, and distribution for realizing the next generation supply chain. From these use cases, Fivecomm will participate in the following ones:

  • UC1: Automated robots with heterogeneous networks.
  • UC2: Improved driver’s safety with mixed reality and haptic solutions.
  • UC5: Situational understanding and predictive models in smart logistics.

Our Role

We make use of our planning tools and simulators to assess the performance of 5G-IoT in industrial and transport scenarios. These studies will be compared against real deployments via trials taking place in ASTI factory and the port of Valencia. We will integrate our F5GM in an end-to-end 5G-IoT infrastructure for testing and validation.

Fivecomm is leading the work on the regulatory framework and finding business opportunities for the envisioned use cases.

Project highlights

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