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Water Digitalisation Solutions

End-to-end process for water digitalisation solutions


IoT smart devices for real-time data

Our 5G & IoT technology enables us to capture and analyze data in real-time. AI-driven analytics then transforms information into actionable insights, revolutionizing decision-making for your business


Scalable API for IoT Integration

Streamline your IoT integration with our versatile API, ensuring a seamless flow of data to your systems. Our flexible IoT solutions are tailor-fit to meet the diverse needs of various industries


Edge IoT solutions for Industry 4.0

Adapt and scale to the industrial demands through our customized IoT solution and ensure the utmost security for your IoT ecosystem with our advanced security technologies

Radar in Action

Simple and efficient
traffic management

Ever dreamed of a world where traffic management is simple and efficient? Our 5G radar, powered by  artificial intelligence, captures precise and reliable mobility data in real-time, revolutionizing how we plan and manage urban and interurban mobility.

5G Radar Benefits

What can we achieve with this technology?

Fast & flexible installation

Connectivity to multiple devices and higher transfer rates with lower latency

AUto integration

Automates compatibility and simplifies data exchange. Reduces manual set-up, saving time and money


5G technology enhances energy efficiency. Reduces environmental impact through optimized resource use

real-time visualization

Instant data processing and visualization with low latency. High speed data transfer

cost efficiency

5G's efficient data transmission cuts operational costs. No need for expensive data centres

fully customizable

Software-defined-networking (SDN) enables dynamic network configuration & resource allocation

  • Ultra reliable

    ≥99% Detection

  • Sustainable

    ≤2.5W @ 15V drives ultra low power consumption​

  • Full Privacy​

    GDPR compliant

  • Cost efficient

    No civil work nor maintenance

  • Scalable

    ≤300Kbps​ Uplink |​​​ Flexible deployment​

Explore more data-driven solutions

Water digitalization solutions

Tank Level

Digitize your water management by accessing real-time tank level data in any scenario, transforming your system into a data-driven environment

Flow Volume Control

Monitor and control in real-time the water flow transforming any industrial water treatment plant in a data-driven environment

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