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5G Broad

Full version

5G-BROAD is a highly efficient solution that provides 5G connectivity to user devices. It comes with simplified electronics, low power usage, and reduced form factor. 

This technology is flexible and adaptative to the diverse needs of the different industry verticals and applications, which makes it the ideal solution for research and innovation projects.

The device is formed by a 5G hat on top of a Raspberry Pi 4. It implements a customized OpenWRT Linux distribution and supports both USB and Ethernet connections. It comes with a plastic case and SMA connectors for external antennas along with a SIM card slot accessible with a lid. Power supply can be provided via 9/12V or USB.

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Just connecting a device?
No routing capabilities required?

Discover the 5G Broad Light

5G Broad Light

Simplified version

The 5G-BROAD Light version offers an extremely compact design with very reduced form factor, tailored to specific scenarios and applications.

This type of modem is simply connected to a PC and configured via USB. To facilitate its usage, the modem is completed with a case specifically designed to enclose only the 5G hat.

External antennas are also included, attached to the case via SMA. The SIM card slot is still accessible and protected with a lid.

Which one?

Broad vs Broad Light

Ethernet connectivity

Graphical interface

App oriented


Reduced form

Broad-Enhanced Projects

European & national wide


European Research 2021-2024
Open and cooperative platforms for the industrial sector


European Research 2020-2022
Showcasing the power of 5G for content production


European Research 2023-2024
Providing a unique solution for the future with our 5G Broad


European Research 2020-2023
Design of the Next Generation IoT (NG-IoT) solution with emphasis on 5G


European Research 2020-2023
Secured service-based 5G architecture for Non-Private Network


European Research 2023-2025
Acceleration and digital transformation of key industry verticals


Regional Research 2021-2023
Design of the Next Generation IoT (NG-IoT) solution with emphasis on 5G


National Research 2023-2025
Secured service-based 5G architecture for Non-Private Network