Skin Cancer Remote Diagnosis


2021 | 3 min.

Skin Cancer Remote Diagnosis

The 5G low latency characteristic together with Fivecomm 5G Edge Services like remote diagnosis and connected bot enable to any oncology specialists to diagnose skin cancer remotely using a simple haptic equipment for controlling in real time any robotic arm having a full immersive experience.


Design and develop an end to end system able to control, remotely and in real time using a haptic equipment, a robotic arm to diagnose skin cancer through a 5G public network in a Non-Stand Alone (NSA) and Stand Alone (SA) configuration.

  1. 1.Reach more people helping to prevent skin cancer saving lives

    2. Increase oncology specialist’s capacity accelerating skin cancer diagnosis

    3. Reduce in general, the patients mobility and their C02 footprint

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