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Smart Metering

Easy Installation
No civil work nor traffic impact. Highly cost reduction.
Auto Integration
Zero touch deployment. Increasing security and avoiding errors.
Customized Dashboard
Visualize in real time the tank level data in any scenario.
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Get vehicle intensity, direction, speed and classification (car, bus, truck, bycicle…) transforming your city, port, airport and road in a data-driven environment . 

BE a data-driven organization

Take urbanistic decisions based on real and accurate historical mobility data.

Real-time Traffic control and classification

Control and classify traffic in real time thanks to the 5G technology

Co2 footprint reduction

CO2 footprint reduction by managing de traffic thanks to mobility real time data

Why 5G Radar?

Immune to adverse light or weather conditions​

The data measurement is not affected by fog, it is resistant to any weather conditions

capable of continuing to provide accurate data regardless of time of day


Ultra reliable

≥99% Detection



≤2.5W @ 15V drives ultra low power consumption​


Full Privacy​

GDPR compliant


Cost efficient

No civil work nor maintenance



≤300Kbps​ Uplink |​​​ Flexible deployment​

Fivecomm Ecosystem

HW&SW Desing

HW Manufacturing

Quality Assurance






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