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Capturing Data
Simplifying Decisions

Struggling with smart mobility decision-making? In need of data-driven insights?

End-to-End Process for Smart Mobility Solutions

Data-Driven Solutions


IoT Smart Devices for Real-Time Data

  • 5G & IoT Technology: Revolutionize data capture with 5G, IoT sensors.
  • AI Data Analytics: Harness AI for accurate, real-time analytics.
  • Decision-Making Insights: Transform data into actionable business insights.

Scalable API for IoT Integration

  • IoT Integration Made Easy: Simplify with our versatile API.
  • Seamless Data Flow: Ensure smooth data transfer to your systems.
  • Flexible IoT Solutions: Tailor-fit for diverse industry needs.

Edge IoT Solutions for Industry 4.0

  • Optimized Device Management: Elevate operations with our Edge IoT tech.
  • Customized Industrial IoT: Adapt and scale to industrial demands.
  • Robust IoT Security: Secure your IoT ecosystem with cutting-edge tech.

5G Radar Installation at Ford Valencia

Real Use Case

Fivecomm’s groundbreaking 5G Radar solution was successfully implemented at Ford installations. 

This advanced end-to-end system delivers in real time, intelligent mobility insights that redifine the driving experience. It provides effortless installation in 1 minute, sustainable operation with our consumption, unparalleled reliability through ultra-high detection and classification for various vehicles. 

The collaboration with AVIA Clúster de Automoción y Movilidad, A4 Radar – Advanced Algorithms for Radar, Verne Technology Group and Vodafone made this possible.

Explore more of our Data-Driven Solutions

Pedestrian & VRU Detection
Detect in real-time vulnerable road or street users for raising awareness to the rest of the vehicles from the Infrastructure, as Scooters in cities, bikes in roads or pedestrians in crossings. Mitigate vulnerable users accidents.
Parking Management System
Get vehicle intensity, direction, speed and classification (car, bus, truck, bike…) transforming any parking in a data-driven environment. Detect parking spot or charging electrical points status in real-time.
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What other advantages does our radar offer?

Fast and Flexible Installation

Fully Customizable

Cost Efficiency

Auto Integration


Real-Time Visualization

Can you imagine 5G shaping smarter industries with data-driven decisions?

Start to envision it with our 5G Radar Technology

  • Ultra reliable

    ≥99% Detection

  • Sustainable

    ≤2.5W @ 15V drives ultra low power consumption​

  • Full Privacy​

    GDPR compliant

  • Cost efficient

    No civil work nor maintenance

  • Scalable

    ≤300Kbps​ Uplink |​​​ Flexible deployment​


Driving IoT Innovation with strategic alliances



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