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Smart ports

The emergence of Smart Ports represent a significant shift in the maritime and logistics industry. This transformation is not just about adopting new technologies; it’s about fundamentally rethinking how ports operate, enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and security.

At Fivecomm, we’re pioneering the future of port management with four solutions tailored for the maritime sector. These innovations empower port authorities and operators to make real-time, data-driven decisions with unparalleled accuracy.

By harnessing the power of our 5G radar technology, ports can unlock a new realm of possibilities, ensuring smarter, safer, and more sustainable operations. 

Our end-to-end solution

From hardware to final platform


Optimizing port operations

As global trade expands, managing the complexities of port operations becomes increasingly critical. MOBIOTRAD, leveraging state-of-the-art 5G radar technology, provides an essential tool for ports seeking to enhance efficiency and streamline logistics. 

This advanced system is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into port management systems, offering real-time tracking and management of vehicular movements within the port area.

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Edge parsing and processing

The data received from the MOBIOTRAD is processed and parsed in the Edge. The encrypted data is stored in databases and an API is available for integrating the data in any platform for improving the flexibility and operability. The Edge solution can be deployed in any server.

Radar platform

Insights in motion

End users can access this platform to view a map displaying the locations of their installed radars. Additionally, they can view and download a series of dashboards that display data captured by the MOBIOTRAD.

Users will be able to see the type of vehicle, the average speed of the vehicle, the direction of the vehicle (whether ascending or descending), and the vehicle’s maximum speed.

Fivecomm port solutions

Vehicle counting and classification

By continuously monitoring the flow of vehicles, the radar system can count the number of vehicles passing thorugh a particular area as well as capture their intensity, direction, speed and classification.

This data provides then insights into traffic volume and congestion patterns and can be further used to make better-informed decisions regarding traffic management.

Free flow

Our free flow system revolutionizes the way traffic is managed by employing advanced sensing technology to accurately identify and categorize various types of vehicles at speeds reaching 350 km/h.

This capability is pivotal in optimizing traffic flow, particularly in high-demand areas such as toll booths, city entrances, and controlled access points.

Vessels berthing assistance

Our advanced radar system captures and utilizes real-time data on vessels speed, orientation, and distance from port infrastructure, transforming ports into smart, data-driven environments.

This provides port operators with insights into the berthing process, allowing for a more precise management of vessel approach and docking, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring the optimal use of port infrastructure.

Maritime access control

Our solution streamlines and secures the entry and exit of ships through port boundaries. Our radar system captures and manages real-time data on ship movements, ensuring seamless and secure maritime operations.

It can capture detailed information about each vessel, including type, size, and cargo. With real-time data, port operators can make informed decisions swiftly, optimizing port traffic flow and reducing congestion.

Benefits of our 5G radar


Captures data with a precision and reliability exceeding 99%

Plug and play

Installation is straightforward, with a deployment time of under 5 minutes


Encrypted data ensures maximum robust security, enhancing protection. 100% GDPR

Cost efficiency

Zero maintance needed


Their consumption is very low, less than 2.5 W


Uplink speed of ≤ 0.3 Mbps, allowing it to transmit data efficiently using relatively low bandwidth

Solution journey

IoT innovation with strategic alliances

HW & SW design

HW manufacturing

Quality assurance





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