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Water digitalization is now

Water 4.0

In the face of water scarcity and the growing demand for sustainable water management, the digitalization of the water sector emerges as a transformative solution. By harnessing the power of technology, we can revolutionize how we monitor, manage and conserve the valuable resource of water.

Key to the water digitalization process is the accessibility and utilization of real-time data. With advanced sensor technologies and wireless communication devices such as our Fivecomm solutions WIOTHUB & WIOTRAD, we now have the ability to detect problems and make informed decisions promptly.

Water digitalization works as a cycle, where data capture, processing, decision-making, and resource optimization leads to tangible benefits for individuals and communities.

The data journey

1. Data capture

Fivecomm's WIOTHUB and WIOTRAD solutions capture precise real-time data about water consumption, flow, pressure and level 

2. Data storage

This data is securely stored in the cloud, where it is processed and analyzed to extract relevant information about water supply and management

3. Data driven decisions

That information reaches businesses smart platforms and it is used to make informed decisions about water management as early problems can be detected 

4. Resource optimization

Leaks can now be promptly detected and resolved. By promptly addressing these leaks, a greater volume of water can reach the population, effectively optimizing the utilization of this valuable resource. Water is a resource for which people pay, and it should not be wasted within pipelines

Fivecomm water solutions

Wireless data capture

Telemetry is the process of remotely monitoring and transmitting data from water systems. By capturing real-time information about the performance of water meters, it enables timely detection of issues and supports businesses in their data-driven decision-making processes about water consumption.

At Fivecomm, we offer the key piece of the telemetry solution for the digitalization of water with our advanced WIOT-HUB. 

Water level measurement

A radar sensor emits a signal towards the surface of the water, which then reflects back to the sensor. By measuring the time this signal takes to return and calculating the distance traveled, the radar can accurately determine in real-time the water level.

At Fivecomm, we offer the key piece of the solution for real-time water-level management with our advanced WIOT-RAD.

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