Wireless Data Capture

Our telemetry solution brings all the meters’ data directly to your centralized platform, allowing to monitor them in real-time. This data can be used for creating reports on water levels, trends, and usage statistics, enabling informed decision-making and optimized water management strategies.

The telemetry solution allows the user to detect potential leaks or high water usage to efficiently manage this scarce resource. 

For implementing this solution, we gather all the meters’ encrypted data with our WIOTHUB device. Then, we manage the data with our edge solution and make it accesible and easy to integrate in any platform with our flexible API.

Our End-To-End Solution

From hardware to final platform


The WIOTHUB is a device that captures data wirelessly from all your water meters and sends it to a centralized management platform, informing about water consumption

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Fivecomm APP

With the Fivecomm App you’ll be able to validate the deployment from a smartphone remotly by connecting and checking the information from the server, or locally by using the wagic box and wMBus to read directly from the WIOTHUB. 

It is also possible to configure any WIOTHUB preference by using the wagic box and the Fivecomm App.

Edge parsing and processing

The data received from the WIOTHUB is processed and parsed in the Edge. The encrypted data is stored in databases and an API is available for integrating the data in any platform for improving the flexibility and operability. The Edge solution can be deployed in any server.

Fivecomm Analytics

It is an advanced data management plaform for our IoT devices designed to optimise the real-time monitoring of the deployed WIOTHUBs.

It provides the user with tools to track the status of devices, helping to prevent failures by early detection of problems such as some network disconnections. This ensures a quick intervention and reduces downtime.

Key benefits of our solution

Battery life

Our hub offers up to 12 years of battery life autonomy

Plug and play

Installation is straightforward, with a deployment time of under 5 minutes

High security

Encrypted data ensures maximum robust security, enhancing protection

Cost efficiency

Zero maintenance needed

High scalability

Flexible deployment options allow you to connect the hub from either side

Wireless M-Bus

Supports all wM-Bus meters, including all modes: T1, C1, S1

Integrated with

Fivecomm is integrated within the water digital solutions platform Xylem Vue, powered by GoAigua. This platform integrates smart technologies and systems to address water-related challenges, empowering utility companies to make informed decisions about water management and achieve groundbreaking results for their communities.

With Xylem Vue, managing the complexities of innovation throughout the water cycle becomes not only possible but seamless. This platform has the potential to redefine the very future of water itself.

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