Vehicle counting
and classification

Smart urban traffic management

Smart radar technology is transforming urban traffic management by providing accurate, real-time data on vehicle density and traffic patterns. This advanced solution uses radar signals to detect vehicles, measuring the reflected signal intensity, speed, and other attributes. The radar system is capable of distinguishing different types of vehicles—such as motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks—based on size, speed, and the signature of the radar return.

This information allows city planners to make informed decisions, such as optimizing traffic light timing, planning road works, or developing new infrastructure, leading to smarter, more efficient cities with reduced congestion and enhanced safety.

For implementing this solution, we gather all the  data with our MOBIOTRAD device. Then, we manage the data with our edge solution and make it accesible and easy to read in our radar platform for any registered user.

Our end-to-end solution

From hardware to final platform


Empowering smart and sustainable cities

In an era where urban mobility is rapidly evolving, MOBIOTRAD stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a pioneering solution to the growing complexity of city transportation management.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), MOBIOTRAD utilizes cutting-edge 5G radar technology to deliver precise, real-time insights into urban traffic flows.

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Edge parsing and processing

The data received from the MOBIOTRAD is processed and parsed in the Edge. The encrypted data is stored in databases and an API is available for integrating the data in any platform for improving the flexibility and operability. The Edge solution can be deployed in any server.

Radar platform

Insights in motion

End users can access this platform to view a map displaying the locations of their installed radars. Additionally, they can view and download a series of dashboards that display data captured by the MOBIOTRAD.

Users will be able to see the type of vehicle, the average speed of the vehicle, the direction of the vehicle (whether ascending or descending), and the vehicle’s maximum speed.

Benefits of our 5G radar


Captures data with a precision and reliability exceeding 99%

Plug and play

Installation is straightforward, with a deployment time of under 5 minutes


Encrypted data ensures maximum robust security, enhancing protection. 100% GDPR

Cost efficiency

5G's efficient data transmission reduces operational costs, requiring zero maintenance


Their consumption is very low, less than 2.5 W


Uplink speed of ≤ 0.3 Mbps, allowing it to transmit data efficiently using relatively low bandwidth

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