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5G Intelligent Automotive Network Applications

About the project:

Fivecomm is part of the Horizon 2020 project 5G-IANA (Intelligent Automotive Network Applications). 5G-based Automotive-related services (i.e., Connected and Automated Mobility services) are a broad range of digital services in and around vehicles including both safety-related and other commercial services provided, enabled, or supported by 5G networks.


5G-IANA aims at providing an open 5G experimentation platform, on top of which third party experimenters (i.e., SMEs) in the Automotive-related 5G-PPP vertical will have the opportunity to develop, deploy and test their services. 5G-IANA will be demonstrated through 7 Automotive-related use cases in 2 5G SA testbeds.

Our role

Fivecomm leads the use case on remote driving. Thanks to 5G-IANA, they will research on the configuration of Intelligent NetApps and the virtualization of its current solution. Within the project, Fivecomm will provide remote driving services operating over the cloud network for fast operation and improved performance. Fivecomm will additionally provide and configure an autonomous vehicle for other use cases and demonstrations when needed.

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