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5G digital twin for ports 4.0

5G NaCAR will develop the Network as Code (NaC) technology to provide access to advanced services of B5G+ networks to application programmers through libraries and APIs, freeing up control and access to key functionality of new mobile networks. 

The 5G NaCAR project will integrate solutions and components from different technology providers and sectors that will contribute to the creation and integration of NaC APIs in the project use cases.

The objective of 5G NaCAR is to advance the deployment of services enabled by new 5G and B5G by implementing APIs that facilitate the integration of advanced facilities in various market sectors. These APIs facilitate much faster deployment and use by communities of application developers specializing in a variety of environments and industries.  

Our Role

We will contribute to the NaC ecosystem through the development, integration and provision of 5G hardware devices, including device management and support. Fivecomm will focus its efforts on defining requirements and architecture at radio level, as well as the hardware design, development, testing and certification of 5G Release-16 modems that adapt to the needs of the network used in the project. 

The development of this solution will provide 5G connectivity to users, as it will include the necessary interfaces to connect any type of device used in the project (drones, cameras, sensors, etc.). 

Project highlights

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