5G Radar For Smart Transport

Revolutionizing Port Operations

JUN, 26 2024 | 6 min.

The 5G-RADAR Project

The 5G-RADAR initiative is dedicated to executing two pivotal use cases that leverage a mix of 5G and UWB Radar technologies. This combination is set to revolutionize and digitize maritime and terrestrial transport and mobility within the logistics framework of ports, fostering the development of new, innovative products, services, and processes. 

The project has been awarded a grant of €427,436.75, financed by Ports 4.0, with €174,564 specifically allocated to Fivecomm.

Use case 1. Smart Assistant for Real-time Vessel Docking

This use case focuses on equipping maritime ports with an innovative solution that ensures safe, precise, and controlled docking of ships, particularly beneficial for larger vessels requiring navigational assistance during the docking phase. The technologies used here are: 5G communications, high-accuracy UWB radars integrated with AI algorithms and connected to the 5G network, edge computing for instantaneous data processing and the implementation of a digital twin of the docking process to facilitate the operation.

At the Port of Valencia, 5G radars linked to a Stand Alone (SA) Private 5G Network will be installed along the port’s dock infrastructure. These radars will precisely monitor the location, speed, and movement of ships approaching the dock and relay this data to key stakeholders. 

Use case 2. Automated Real-time Control of Terrestrial and Maritime Mobility

The focus here is to introduce an innovative system that automates and secures the monitoring and control of land vehicles and ships entering the port’s access points and areas of interest. The technologies involved are: 5G communications, high-precision UWB radars equipped with AI-driven algorithms, connected to the 5G network, edge computing for real-time data analysis and digital twin technology.

This functionality will also be showcased at the Port of Valencia, with 5G radars connected to the Public 5G Network and positioned across key port entry points and zones of interest. 

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