5G-RECORDS starts!

SEP, 15 2020 | 2:30 min.

5G-RECORDS: showcasing the real power of 5G for professional content production

It is time to bring 5G to professional media production scenarios. That is why Fivecomm started its work as full partner in the Horizon 2020 project 5G-RECORDS (5G key technology enableRs for Emerging media COntent pRoDuction Services). The key challenge of this EU project is to explore the possibilities that new hardware devices and technologies may bring to the 5G ecosystem.

The main objective is the integration, demonstration, and validation of specific 5G components into three main use cases: live audio production scenarios, a multiple camera wireless studio and live immersive media production. These use cases have been selected carefully to embrace some of the most challenging scenarios in this area. The successful integration of the use cases into the 5G ecosystem demands processing audio and/or video data sources with stringent requirements for KPIs such as data rate, latency, synchronicity, availability, and reliability.

Fivecomm brings to the project a 5G modem for cameras. It will be included in the complete end-to-end system as part of the user equipment for remote production and wireless studios. The objective is to integrate and validate a compact and flexible module that provides 5G wireless connectivity and can be customized. In other words, it will be particularized for the connection link between the cameras and the 5G network, depending on the specific needs of the use cases. Fivecomm will not only integrate their solution but also participate with the partners in the real demonstration and validation of the end-to-end solution that will bring these use cases to reality.