5G Smart Water Metering

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5G Smart Water Metering

The versality of 5G, together with advances in other areas such as the use of sensors, will build smarter water utilities.

Several 5G water smart meters will be deployed in different locations at the UPV campus for providing information through the 5G network. From the measurements and results, conclusions will be drawn about the 5G technology performance and capacity to connect millions of devices

The main objective is to design and develop the first world wide 5G water smart meter able to read and send water data and alarms in real time to the Edge Center for analysis, pricing and processing, using a public 5G network in both modes Stand Alone (SA) and Non Stand Alone (NSA).

Fivecomm has designed and developed the 5G LITE Device that answers the water management needs and requirements for evolving to the water management next level.

Our Role

1. Optimized energy consumption extending the lifetime of sensors, decreasing costs and enhancing the sustainability of the active sensor network

2. Capacity to connect millions of water smart meters per km2

3. Low latency to guarantee the smart meters reporting in real time for risk situations or emergencies improving the decision-making and actions

4. Increased reliability thanks to improved security protocols

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