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AGO, 21 2023 | 6 min.

New Innovative Vision To Ground Future Communications

AROMA3D is a national project funded by the European Union led by Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) that studies the use of new solutions in the context of Beyond 5G and 6G technologies. The AROMA3D project is composed of 3 subprojects: AROMA3D-EarthAROMA3D-Space and AROMA3D-Hybrid.

Objective AROMA 3D

The overall objective of AROMA3D is to develop technological solutions to enable future 3D networks (resulted from expanding the two-dimensional terrestrial network by adding non-terrestrial nodes) and develop a new innovative vision to ground future communications and contribute to the creation of the necessary ecosystem for its realization focusing on both the terrestrial and non-terrestrial segments.  construction verticals. 

To efficiently tackle all the research challenges, the AROMA3D project is divided into three subprojects:

1. AROMA3D-Earth: Focused on creating innovative emerging techniques to improve the terrestrial segment of the 3D network.

2. AROMA3D-Space: Dedicated to developing cutting-edge techniques to enhance the space segment of the 3D network.

3. AROMA3D-Hybrid: Aimed at finding innovative solutions for integrating terrestrial and non-terrestrial systems.

Fivecomm Participates in AROMA3D-Earth

Our role in the project enhances the terrestrial segment of the 3D network. In this particular project, we are exploring two main research lines, i.e., the use of distributed cell-free massive MIMO including Machine Learning (ML) algorithms for power allocation and other practical aspects, as well as the study of solutions for massive communications beyond 5G, both in terms of energy efficiency and connection density. A final proof-of-concept will be also addressed in this project. 

AROMA 3D architecture


AROMA project is funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU



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