Fivecomm participates in 5G-INDUCE project

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9/20/2020 Estimated Reading time: 1 minute

5G-INDUCE: Smart AGV operation and control for the Industry 4.0

Fivecomm is bringing 5G to the industry! We are glad to announce our participation in the Horizon 2020 project 5G-INDUCE (Open cooperative 5G experimentation platforms for the industrial sector NetApps). The objective of this project is to provide an end-to-end orchestration platform over enabling experimentation infrastructures for advanced 5G NetApps. This platform will be applied for the realization of extensive 5G use cases in the broader Industry 4.0 sector.

Our main role in 5G-INDUCE will be the development and integration of specific NetApps for three use cases:

  • Autonomous fleet management,
  • Smart operation based on human gesture recognition
  • VR immersion for AGV control. 

Our 5G Modem will be also integrated as part of the final solution. Fivecomm will actively participate in the technological validation of the trials in the Valencia 5G platform, which makes use of the open R&I laboratory 5TONIC.

Promoting 5G-INDUCE in the 5G-EVE Learn and Drive webinar

Although our work in 5G-INDUCE has just started, we are already putting efforts in promoting the project. Our R&D Manager, Dr. Manuel Fuentes, first presented Fivecomm to the audience and explained afterwards our objectives related to the 5G-INDUCE project. Dr. Fuentes put special emphasis in our portfolio, explaining our expertise, main 5G products and 5G services. He also explained the Valencian experimental facility to be deployed in the context of 5G-INDUCE and the three different use cases where Fivecomm is involved