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About the project:

INSIGNIA is a research project whose main objective is the design and optimization of Beyond-5G and 6G solutions for the industry, with thematic areas aligned with 3GPP Releases 17 and 18 and the SNS JU Work Programme. 

The project is divided into three work streams. The first one is focused on cell-free massive MIMO technologies considering Machine Learning (ML) for resource management and practical deployment aspects. The second line is focused on research into the use of massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC) from the perspective of both energy efficiency and massive device connectivity. The third line investigates aspects necessary for the future development of an
advanced 5G digital twin that will make use of the aforementioned technologies.


To investigate emerging innovative techniques of Beyond-5G/6G networks and their self-optimization to facilitate the deployment and maintenance of networks in the industry, improving the capabilities of a digital twin for a correct simulation of these techniques, considering millimeter frequency bands and studying the impact of the technologies on user equipment and vice versa.

Our role

Our vision is that our planning and optimization tool is the basis for the development of a 5G digital twin. The network in turn uses a VNF that interacts with the digital twin and is responsible for self-optimizing resources. Thanks to our experience in the development of 5G devices, another main task is to apply some of the techniques studied to our 5G modems, seeing how it affects them and what impact it has on them.

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Funding Institution

INSIGNIA project is funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU