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Integrated Telematics For Next Generation 5G Vehicular Communications

About the project:

ITN-5VC aims to investigate the key problems of the integration of multi-band multi-antenna communications, including mmWave, with radar heads and other wireless sensors into the same telematics unit, so that transmission chains and radiation systems were efficiently reused in a cost-efficient manner while delivering the required performance


The specific main research objectives of the ITN-5VC project are:

  • Design an optimum multi-antenna deployment for enhanced performance of the new hyper connected car concept.
  • Integrate Cellular-assisted Vehicular to Anything (C-V2X) protocols, basically NR Release 16 on (Releases 17 and 18 according to 3GPP current time plan), with autonomous driving sensor systems.
  • Adapt signalling (RRC) and MAC protocols on IoT specific 5G NR chipsets.
  • Explore new hardware solutions for radar and SoC integration and configure the new design of the car electronics.

Our role

Fivecomm has hired a PhD student to work in the project as the Early-Stage Researcher number 11. The work of this person is to research about new integrated telematics unit with sensors and communications capabilities, with the next objectives:

  • To integrate multi-antenna multi-band system into the telematics unit.
  • To develop a single platform for communications and sensoring.
  • To design a new hardware solution for radar and SoC integration.

The expected results of this project are to design a prototype of the integrated telematics unit with sensoring and 5G V2X communications capabilities, and a multi-antenna and multi-band communication platform.

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