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5G Digital Twin For Ports 4.0

About the project:

Fivecomm has been funded by the Agència Valenciana de la Innovació through its programme “Proyectos de consolidación de la cadena de valor” to undertake the Project modeling of a 5G Digital Twin in a logistics-port environment (PORTWIN)

Grant number: INNCAD/2021/14

Budget granted: 83.336,40 euros


Develop a 5G digital twin able to assist vessels docking operations combining the following technologies:

  • 5G – Private 5G Network deployment at the target area of Valencia Port
  • Edge Computing – For allocating the digital twin and enabling an E2E Real-Time solution
  • Radar – For capturing distance, speed and location in real time in the most efficient way
  • Artificial Intelligence – For classifying data, creating value, to be visualized in the digital twin
  • Digial Twin – 3D dynamic visualization platform for helping during the vessels docking process

Our role


Coordinates the work of the different agents that participate in the project, as Fundación Valencia Port, Cellnex, iTEAM-UPV and A4Radar. In the technical task, Fivecomm participates in the integration of the radar with its 5G BROAD device and in the planning and development of the 5G Private network in the target area of the port of Valencia.


  1. Increase the security during the vessels docking operations
  2. Improve the efficiency and productivity of the vessels docking operations

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