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TARGET-X seeks the acceleration and digital transformation of key verticals such as energy, construction, automotive, robotics and manufacturing using large-scale trials in of the largest European test facilities for smart production and automotive driving: The 5G-Industry Campus Europe in Aachen, Germany and the Idiada Automotive Testbed close to Barcelona, Spain. 

The project aims at demonstrating, validating, and evaluating the potential of Beyond 5G and 6G future technologies in real environments such as real-time communication, localization, self-description, digital twinning, and sensor-network data fusion. These evaluation will include peripherical technologies across the whole value chain (devices, connectivity, service delivery) to identify and propose new B5G/6G features targeting connected industries. The idea is to enhance the 5G/6G ecosystem in the manufacturing, robotics, automotive, energy, and construction verticals. 

Our Role

Fivecomm acts in TARGET-X as hardware developer. We are further developing and upgrading our 5G hardware modems to future 3GPP releases within the window of the project (currently Rel-16, targeting Rel-17 and 18). The implementation of TSN as part of these devices will be an essential activity that will put us at the forefront of the 5G and future 6G market.

Our 5G devices will be a core technology within this project that will be validated in several test-beds from a large-scale trial perspective. 

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